Fitness Bikini Models

Participating in fitness and figure shows is a major event in the life of fitness bikini models.  It is during these shows that they get to keep up with the latest in the industry, as well as get noticed by modeling and talent agents.  Here, television and magazine scouts look for fresh faces for their shows and covers.

Types of competition

In a typical fitness competition, contestants have to go through a swimsuit round and a routines round.  During the swimsuit round, the contestants showcase their fit physiques by wearing two-piece swimsuits and high-heeled shoes.  They present their bodies to the judges during their walk, poses, and turns.  During the routines round, energy, athleticism, and flexibility are showcased by models.  The usual routines performed by most contestants are dance, gymnastics, and aerobics.

Figure competitions are distinct from fitness competitions as they exclude the routines round.  This appeals to women who want to participate in a body contest but do not want to do athletic or dance routines.  This is also ideal for those who want to showcase their fit and lean physiques but do not want to bulk up too much such as in bodybuilding.

During both contests, participants execute quarter or half turns and poses in order for the judges to view them and compare them with each other.  The judges analyze the contestants’ bodies for the leanness of the muscles, symmetry of their physique, and fitness of their bodies.  Above all, contestants should still display an aura of feminine athleticism instead of muscularity.  Other attributes the judges look for are stage presence, grace, poise, confidence, and professionalism.  Aside from their clothing and costumes, participants must enhance their appearance with proper make-up, appropriately styled hair, and creams to even out their skin tone.  Some events ban the use of oil, as it will make the stage slippery and prone to mishaps.

Specific contests and events

Groups such as the INBF, OCB Figure, and FAME Fitness hold such kinds of events.  These groups are usually affiliated with or have magazine sponsorships.  Scouts often attend these shows to look for body types that would photograph well and look good in print.  Thus, aside from a long and lean look, facial beauty is also a big plus when joining these groups’ competitions.  INBA and FAME/WNSO are more geared toward figure competitions.  Contestants have to perform in open-handed posing rounds.  They also have events where the routines typically consist of gymnastic movements blended with bodybuilding poses.  In both cases, you should not just have the required physique but a sense of showmanship, creativity, and style as well.  You must perform a routine that best suits your style, agility, as well as your level of physical training.

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